Remontant climbing roses usually with glossy foliage. They bear large clusters of 3-15 slightly scented, normally double to fully double flowers, in flushes from spring to autumn. This class originated in Charleston, SC in 1811. {zones 7-10} Aimee Vibert ( w ) 1829 (f) Alister Stella Gray (ly) 1894 (f) Belle Vichysoise (lp) 1897 Blush Noisette (lp) 1817 … Continue reading Noisettes


A dwarf variety of Rosa multiflora was discovered by Robert Fortune in Japan and brought back to Europe. From this dwarf and a pink china, Jean Baptiste Guillot  developed a low growing rose with small, double, white flowers born in clusters. Most Polyantha flowers are small and produced in clusters. Ideal for front of the … Continue reading Polyantha


A diverse group of plants that encompass a wide range of growth habits, flower styles, and bloom color. Many are good for ground covers, hedges, screens, and mass planting or used as an individual specimen. Very hardy, with large clusters of roses. {zones 5-9} Genarosa (Guillot Collection) - Flowering shrubs created in Lyon, France by one … Continue reading Shrubs


Naturally occurring roses found in the wild, most have only 5 petals, once blooming and having bush size ranging from 3 to 25 ft. Species are listed according to their Latin name, but can be known by a common synonym. They produce seedlings which will be identical to the parent plant. R. moschata ( w ) 1540 (f) ...s … Continue reading Species