The Old Garden classification is for any variety of rose whose horticultural classification existed prior to 1867 when the first hybrid tea was introduced. Under this classification we find the following rose classes:

Alba (A) – Free branching shrub roses, varying greatly in size, with only a few prickles on the stems. They have grayish-green leaves, bear cluster of 5-7 semi to fully double, scented flowers in spring or early summer, from shoots from second year wood. {zones 3-9}

Centifolia (C) – The cabbage rose,  lax, prickly shrub rose producing matte, dark green leaves. Double or fully double, often scented flowers, singly or in clusters of 3, in spring or early summer. {zones 7-10}

Damask (D) – Open shrub rose with prickly stems, and downy leaves. They bear semi to fully double, often very fragrant flowers, singly or in loose clusters of 5-7, mainly in spring or early summer. A few also flower on new wood in autumn. {zones 4-9}

Gallica (G) – Shrub rose of dense, free branching habit, with prickly stems, with dull, dark green foliage. In spring & early summer, they bear single to fully double, mostly scented flowers often in clusters of 3. {zones 4-8}

Hybrid Perpetual (HP) – Free branching, remontant shrub roses with upright prickly growth and dark green leaves. They bear scented, fully double flower, singly or in clusters of 3, in flushes from spring to autumn. Complex class of roses that combine traits from both Old European and Oriental roses, which was considered the rose of the Victorian age. {zones 5-10}

Moss (M) – Often lax shrubs moss-like, furry and fragrant growth on the calyx, and with dark green foliage. Semi to fully double, usually fragrant flowers, often in clusters of 3 or more borne on very thorny shoots in spring or early summer. {zones 4-9}

Portland (P) – An upright and compact repeat blooming shrub rose with prickly stems, and dark green foliage. Semi to fully double scented flowers are borne singly or in small clusters, in flushes from spring to autumn. {zones 4-9}

$ 24 each

  • Alba Maxima (A) (w) <1597  (f)
  • Amanda Patenaude (P) (pb) 1845 (f)
  • American Beauty (HP) (dp) 1875  (f)
  • Ardoisee de Lyon (HP) (m) 1858  (vf)
  • Arrillaga (HP) (lp) 1929
  • Arthur de Sansal (P) (m) 1855 (f)
  • Autumn Damask (D) (mp) <1849 (vf)
  • Baronne Prevost (HP) (mp) 1842 (f)
  • Bella Donna (D) (lp) <1844 (f)
  • Belle de Crecy (G) (m) <1829  (f)
  • Blanc de Vibert (P) ( w ) 1847 (f)
  • Card. de Richelieu (G) (m) 1847 (f)
  • Celsiana (D) (lp) <1817 (f)
  • Centifolia (C) (mp) <1596 (f)
  • Communis (M) (mp) <1720  (vf)
  • Comte de Chambord (P) (pb) 1860  vf
  • Crested Moss (C) (mp) 1827  (f)
  • Delambre (P) (dp) 1863 (f)
  • Dometil Beccard (C) (pb) <1853 %
  • Empress Josephine (G) (pb) <1815
  • Felicite Parmentier (A) (lp) 1834  (f)
  • Frau Karl Druschki (HP) ( w ) 1901
  • Gen. Jacqueminot (HP) (rb) 1846 (vf)
  • Gloire de Ducher (HP) (dr) 1865 (f)
  • Indigo (P) (m) <1845
  • Laura (C) (mp) 1848
  • Le Rire Nias (C) (mp) <1810
  • Leda (D) ( w ) 1826
  • Madame Hardy (D) ( w ) 1832 (f)
  • Mme. Legras St. Germain (A) ( w ) <1846 (f)
  • Madame Plantier (A) ( w ) 1835 (f)
  • Marchesa Boccella (P) (lp) 1842 (vf)
  • Mrs. F.W. Sanford (HP) (lp) 1898
  • Omar Khayyan (D) (lp) 1894 (f)
  • Paul Neyron (HP) (mp) 1869 (f)
  • Rei. von Hindenburg (HP) (pb) 1933
  • Rose de Rescht (P) (dp) 1880 (vf)
  • Salet (M)) (mp) 1854 (f)
  • Souv. d’Alphonsevallee (HP) (dr) 1884
  • Souv. du Dr. Jamain (HP) (dr) 1865 (vf)
  • Sydonie (mp) 1847 (f)
  • Ulrich Brunner fils (HP) (dp) 1881 (f)
  • Yolande de Aragon (P) (m) 1843 (f)

Price $24