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Thoughts Of Yesterday

Cleaning out files gives me a chance to revisit yesterday’s thoughts.  Suddenly I realized, today’s thoughts, not much different from yesterdays, might be suggestions to share with you.

The earth needs replenishing every year.  Leaves and brush, broken down to form compost, ought to be turned into the soil regularly.  Today, I use these gifts of nature along with manure – supplemented with MILLS MAGIC MIX !

Style in the garden is a form of personal expression, and in my garden I have done it my way.  My style is curvilinear, with lines sweeping upward, downward, sideways, not all straight; so slightly and gracefully bending.  I like gentle motion, upward and downward, front, back, side, that achieves for me a pleasant almost musical lilt.  My garden cannot be all the same with nothing nodding, nothing towering, nothing sprawling.  Let it be quietly rampant, mannered order in an every so slightly disorderly way; and acknowledgement that there is a power that can reveal, awe, renew, heal, without ever exhausting itself.  In my rose garden, I want variety, too.  Any garden I can enjoy  will have plenty of plants with varied habit and bloom (small, large, full, single, in clusters, at the end of long stems – both big single – season as well as repeat bloomers).  I want roses from many different classes.  I also want paths to lead here and there, places to sit, plants high and low, both in the ground and in pots as accents.  In my garden, ornamental objects are placed among and within – iron, pottery, driftwood, rocks, mirror; often objects with personal meaning.  Today, I especially treasure a hand-made iron chain my late husband found while bird hunting in south Georgia, which graces my garden.

As the years pass, I find roses that bloom into late fall, almost early winter, remain a particular joy.  I cannot list them all, but a favorite one, BLISS PARFUMA, will create bliss everywhere.

Today, my very last bouquet, almost spent as winter deepens, gives rise to excitement that spring will come again, in this catalog, my hope is that you may discover roses to… DO IT YOUR WAY!

Pat Henry  –  December 8, 2018

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Mills Magic Rose Mix and Mills Easy Feed

Mills Magic Rose Mix, a blend of alfalfa meal, cotton seed meal, fish meal, and activated bio- solids, should be mixed into the soil surface in a spring application (April) and repeated in the fall (August).

Mills Easy Feed, a liquid fertilizer, applied monthly during your growing season…provides magnesium sulfate, seaweed extract, chelated iron, fish solubles, and N.P.K. for vibrant healthy growth.


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