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Rose Study Day:  April 20, 2018

Springfest: April 27 & 28, 2018

Open House: May 18 & 19, 2018

All roses are certified by the SC Dept. of Plant Industry – Clemson University

Orders Taken by e-mail rosesunlmt@gmail.com or phone 864-682-7673

Office Hours:      Monday – Friday      9 am – 3 pm

Now is the time to order for Spring 2018 planting. 

Shipping begins late March 2018 through mid – November 2018

THANKS For Your Support In 2017…


I remember 30 years ago, Bill & I potted our first roses by truck lights on a cold night.  On my way home, I remember saying to myself, “Why am I doing this?” 

No fancy rooting bed, one greenhouse with no water nor heat.  No benches, just a dirt floor with plastic on top.  We sold a few plants that spring, 1988.

Today, I know why I am doing what I do.  The joy of giving joy with roses to our customers.  A mature garden of my own and still adding!  A job which I love and excitement of seeing new roses not seen before.  Gratitude for personal energy, always learning, and wonderful family and friends.  Friends that I would have never known if I were not involved with my rose business.

A few roses that were outstanding in my 2017 garden:  Bliss Parfuma & Soul Sister – order early, Heaven on Earth – order always, Plum Perfect – perfect plant & color, Mystic Beauty – one is never enough, Maura la Cava – lovely old tea, repeats continually, George Washington Richardson – super white, Mlle, Sombreuil – a favorite in my white garden, Bolero – fragrant and blooms continually, Cream Veranda – good in pots and planted, Quick Silver – a climber with great repeat & cut flower, Princess Anne – an old fashion flower with fragrance, Helga’s Quest – beautiful colors of peach & pink.

Could not list them all, an inventory of my personal garden which is laid out in rooms, 218 planted & 108 in pots.

Please visit soon.

Pat Henry                        December 13, 2017


We at Roses Unlimited Use, Recommend, and SELL    {nursery pick up only} 

Mills Magic Rose Mix and Mills Easy Feed

Mills Magic Rose Mix, a blend of alfalfa meal, cotton seed meal, fish meal, and activated bio- solids, should be mixed into the soil surface in a spring application (April) and repeated in the fall (August).

Mills Easy Feed, a liquid fertilizer, applied monthly during your growing season…provides magnesium sulfate, seaweed extract, chelated iron, fish solubles, and N.P.K. for vibrant healthy growth.