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Shipping begins April 2021 through mid – November 2021 

        THANKS For Your Support In 2020…


                 2020 Was A Year To Believe In HOPE

Missing opening the garden to many but spending time in personal enjoyment of my garden was a GOOD YEAR.

It took many years to learn to shovel prune.  If a particular rose does not please you anymore, it is the time to remove and replant.  Healthy, thriving roses greet us each day with a deeper love for the garden.

I continue to write about some of the same roses as they are many of the best in my garden and continue to plant more of those.


Planting again this past year, some of my old favorites which I missed.


Newly planted ones, I enjoyed for their beauty and constant flowering – ADDED MORE!    


CLIMBING KISS ME KATE was outstanding.  Now covers the arbor. So fragrant and flowers to hang down to enjoy the fragrance.

There are many different reasons for planting a rose.  One I had to admire for the winter foliage was LANDLUST – stunning.

MIRACLE ON THE HUDSON, perfect for a hedge.  Never without bloom and great disease resistance.

A rose that has been in my garden for over 30 years and still thriving – RUBAIYAT.

A great red that always looks good and lots of bloom – TRAVIATA.

Continuing to love for the beauty of the flowers and so very fragrant.  Very tall and upright – PRINCESSE CHARLENE DE MONACO.

There are 300 plus in my personal garden to prune soon and give them all they need to thrive.

We as a nursery offering so many special roses and many difficult to find, continues to be our goal.

A very special blessing for you in 2021.

Pat Henry                                                                                        January 2021


Now Is The Time To ORDER For Spring 2021

Rose Varieties added for 2021: 

{ Limited Quantities – Order Early For Best Selections }

Bourbons:  Mme. Dore, Maggie, Louise Odier, Souv. de St. Anne

Buck:  Elias, Summer Wind, Virginia Reel, Wandin’Wind

China:  Hermosa

Climbers:  Adam, Alberic Barbier, Alex. Girault, Aloha Hawaii, American Beauty, Blaze, Clair’s Child, Cramoisi Superieur, E. Veyrat Hermanos, Elie Beauvillian, Elizabeth Lawrence, Fourth of July, Maman Cochet, Cli., Old Blush, Cli., Papi Delbard, Paul’s Himalayan Musk, Pretty In Pink Eden, Ringlet 

Floribundas: Bridal Pink, Celestial Night, Cherish, Confetti, Contempo, Dicky, Escapade, Eutin, Ginger, Impatient, Jiminy Cricket, Julio Iglesais, Lavaglut, Lavender Veranda, Lilibet, Orangeade, Pasadena Star, Poulsen’s Pearl, Redgold, Ruby Ice, Silvina Donvito, Spanish Sun, Summer Samba, Target, Tiki, White Veranda

Hybrid Musk:  Francesea, Porcelaine de Chine

Hybrid Teas:  Alabama, Amazing Grace, Ambassador, American Heritage, Apricot Queen Elizabeth, Blanche Mallerin, Caroline de Monaco, Charles Mallerin, Classic Beauty, Columbus Queen, Dolly’s Sister, Dothan, Ginger Hill, Grand Duch. Charlotte, Innocense, Ivory Tower, Keepsake, Let Freedom Ring, Lucky Lady, Mary M. McBride, Miss. All. Am. Beauty, Oriental Charm, Queen Mary II, Rosie O’Donnell, Showtime, Sweet Beauty, The Doctor, Touch of Venus, Tropical Sunset

Miniatures:  Lady Kathryn, Nancy Jean, Pride n’ Joy, Rise n’ Shine, Soroptimist Int., Vernon’s Laught  

Misc OGR:  Alba Maxima,  Ardoisee de Lyon, Felicite Parmentier, Le Rire Nias, Queen Of Denmark, Reines des Violettes

Noisettes:  Deschamps, Louise d’Arzens, Multiflore de Vaumarcus, Natchitoches Noisette, St. Joseph Noisette, William A. Richardson

Polyanthas:  Echo, Mothersday, Orange Morsdag

Shrubs:  Bonica, Pink Robusta, Red Corsair

Species:  R. Roxburghii

Teas:  Amazone, Aunt Belle’s Tea, Etoile de Lyon, Mme. Berkeley, Maman Cochet, Remembering Cochet, Triomphe de Luxembourg


We at Roses Unlimited Use, Recommend, and SELL    {nursery pick up only} 

Mills Magic Rose Mix and Mills Easy Feed

Mills Magic Rose Mix, a blend of alfalfa meal, cotton seed meal, fish meal, and activated bio- solids, should be mixed into the soil surface in a spring application (April) and repeated in the fall (August).

Mills Easy Feed, a liquid fertilizer, applied monthly during your growing season…provides magnesium sulfate, seaweed extract, chelated iron, fish solubles, and N.P.K. for vibrant healthy growth.

Upcoming Greenhouse Activities Will Be Posted At A Later Date…Please Keep In Touch.