Advantages of Growing Own-Root Roses

  1. Own-Root Container Grown – no plant shock from being dug & store in cold storage.
  2. Most varieties produce healthy, fiberous root balls which are actively growing when received from the greenhouse/nursery.
  3. Same vivid color & fragrance as grafted varieties.
  4. Most varieties have excellent plant longevity as own-root roses. Superior top growth, new basals develop directly from root system, no weak basals to snap off by wind. No suckers to rob rose bush of its nutrients. Superior winter survival, no bud union to suffer winter kill.


Questions to Ask Yourself?

  1. What am I looking for in a rose?
  2. What am I trying to accomplish with my landscape?
  3. How much time and physical energy am I willing to spend?


Is that Rose Variety Right for me?

  1. What location will be best for my roses?
  2. What size bush will fit my landscape?
  3. What color blooms would I like?
  4. How much time will I have to care for my plants?
  5. How much winter protection will my plants need?
  6. Is fragrance important to me?
  7. Do I want color in the garden or roses to cut for indoor use?