Roses Worth Growing

Earth Kind Roses - Roses proven to deliver outstanding landscape performance under widely varying soil conditions with minimal care. The Earth Kind Rose program was initiated by Texas A&M University. The goal is to test and recommend rose cultivars that are suitable to low maintenance landscapes. This includes evaluations of Old Garden and Modern Rose … Continue reading Roses Worth Growing


Large, open, repeat bloom shrubs, often with long smooth or prickly stems, which may be trained as climber or pegged. They have often glossy leaves, double to fully double flowers, usually in clusters of 3, in flushes in spring or early summer, and usually autumn. {zone 6-10} {zone 5 with winter protection} [hybrid between the China … Continue reading Bourbons


Spindly, repeat blooming shrub roses with mostly smooth stems, bearing only a few reddish brown prickles, and glossy green foliage. They bear single to fully double, sometimes scented flowers, singly or in clusters of 3-13, in flushes from spring to autumn. {zone 7-10} One of the first chinas Old Blush is also known as Parson's … Continue reading Chinas